Manuscript Preparation Guide

Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure the following guidelines are met. The sequence of the sections in your manuscript should be as mentioned below. The manuscript of authors work should be written in clear and grammatically correct language. Submit your manuscript in single column format, type on A4 sized word document file. Four hardcopies are required during the reviewing process. Revised manuscript (in response to reviewer's notes) should be submitted in hard and soft copies (single copy for each). Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts in MS Word or PDF format.

A statement of intention towards publication of authors work in IJICT should be addressed in separate letter directed to the managing editor mentioned above.


Title of manuscript should not exceed 20 words. Title should be formatted in title format. Title format is the title case. It requires capitalization of all initial letters, including subordinate conjunctions (as, because, although). Prepositions such as "for", "or", "and" in lower case. For hyphenated phrases, capitalized both words unless the second word is a verb.

Font type: Times New Roman, Bold; font size: 14 points.

No abbreviations are allowed in the title. Title may not contain words like "First" or "Novel" nor any part of series number.

Authors' Names

Author's names should be given in as complete from as possible. First names, initials, and surnames.

Example: Jamie H. Warner

No title is required for any of the authors (like Dr., Sir, Mr., and Mrs.). One author should be indicated for correspondence and copyright transfer. The correspondence is referred to by an ASTERISK (*).

Example: Jamie H. Warner*, Andrew A. Watt2

1 Department of Materials, University of Oxford, Park Road, Oxford, UK.

2 Department of Electronics, College of Science, Peiking University, Beijing, China.

E-mail address

The email address for corresponding Author(s) should be inserted on title page below name/address.


Abstract is required. Number of words should be limited to 200 words. Within this limit of words, the authors should be able to highlight the most important assumption and results of their work. Abbreviations should be defined upon first usage. No references Citations are allowed in the abstract.

Font type: Times New Roman; Font size: 12 points; Lines spacing : single



Authors should provide, at least, four keywords related to the subject of their manuscript.

Font type: Times New Roman, font size: 12 points

Main Text

Section titles are encouraged, but the "Introduction" section title is not used. Sections are not numbered.

Sections order


Method/ Experimental Work

Results and Discussion


Acknowledgments (if any)


Translation of Abstract in Arabic

Sections title format

Font type: Times New Roman; Font case: Title case; Font size; 12 points; Face type: Bold

Throughout text, all Latin words, phrases and abbreviation must be italicized. Example: i.e., et al., e.g., in situ, via, etc. or etcetera, in vivo. Put all citation ( references)  throughout the text in square brackets. Put citation immediately before the punctuation. Dedications may be included in the acknowledgment section.

Text Format

Font type: Times New Roman;  Font size; 12 points; Line spacing: Single

First submission Template (Word)


Figures and Tables

All figures tables should be cited in order in the text. Use the words ( figure, table) not the abbreviations. Every figure should have a caption (below the figure) and every table should have a title (above the table). Schemes must have titles and may contain footnotes. Figure and tables not from authors work should be referenced in the caption with a reference number associated to the reference list in the end of manuscript. Captions and title should be in the following format:

Font type: Times New Roman; Font case: Title case; Font size; 12 points; Face type: Bold; Line spacing: Single

Table should be of simple grid format with clear columns headings. Use Arial font type for lettering inside the figures. Lettering should be uniform size and density, no smaller than6 points and lines should be no thinner than 0.5 point at final published size. Figure containing photographic images must be at least 300dpi. Photograph should be in tif format. Use Arial font type of the heading of the table columns. Tables should be self-explanatory.

Please refer to IEEE standards for "preparation of papers for IEEE transactions and journals".

References format can be found at: