About the Journal

The Iraqi Journal of Information & Communication Technology (IJICT) is a quarterly published, specialized, referred, and indexed journal published in English. IJICT is the official journal published by the college of Information Engineering at Al–Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq since January 2017. IJICT invites contributions from researchers, scientists and practitioners from all over the world and is double blind peer-reviewed. The journal is not financially supported by any governmental or non-governmental organization.

Subscription Information
Publishing price:
ID 100.000 for locals, free for foreigners.
IJICT is a non-profit journal. Article publication charges levied on authors are the only source of income that is utilized in maintaining the administrative and print costs of the journal.

Payment at the specified rates is made to the following address:
Al-Nahrain University,
College of Information Engineering,
Iraqi Journal of Information & Communication Technology, IJICT
Al-Jadria, Baghdad, Iraq. P.O. Box 64046
Email: editor.in.chief@ijict.edu.iq
Website: https://ijict.edu.iq

Requests for more information, manuscripts, and other correspondence are submitted to:
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ammar E. Abdelkareem
P.O. Box: 64046
Tel: +9647901431349
Email: editor.in.chief@ijict.edu.iq
Website: https://ijict.edu.iq