The Optimum Design of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controller for 5 DOF Robotic Manipulator


  • Ahmed alaa Oglah dr
  • mohammed zeki alfaiz



Type-2 fuzzy logic controller, Type-1 fuzzy logic controller Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Robotic Manipulator, MATLAB package.


The robotic manipulator using intelligent controller, have become a research hotspot for most robot manufacturers all over the world. Robotic manipulator  systems have disadvantages, such as high nonlinearity , slow response and uncertainty ;Type-2 FLC can be a solution to these drawbacks. A fuzzy controller  for 5250 Robotic Manipulator (RM) Lab-Volt (LV)  is designed to track  the joints position with new axis. The RM joint is processed as single case. The Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm are used. New design was implemented of type-2 fuzzy logic based PSO as four controllers  ( (T1FLC,T2FLC,PSOT1FLC, PSOT2FLC). The most important parameters of Type-2 Fuzzy are gains (GAINS, input /output) and foot of print uncertainty (FOU) . Four cases are implemented for each joint (fixed FOU fixed Gain, fixed FOU variable Gain, variable FOU fixed Gain, and variable FOU variable Gain). The experimental results for PSOT2FLC gave a good transient response with minimum integral absolute error  IAE, and minimum  over shoot .




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The Optimum Design of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controller for 5 DOF Robotic Manipulator. (2018). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 1(1), 36-51.

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