A Secure Data Hiding For H.264 Video Based on Chaotic Map Methods and RC4 Algorithm


  • Mustafa M. Mashkour Al - Nahrain University
  • Lahieb M. Jawad
  • Ghazali Sulong




Data hiding, Chaotic maps, Embedding capacity, Secret data, H.264, RC4 algorithm


Video steganography is the common field of data security in digital communication where data include text, image, and video. Compressed video is the suitable modern source for hiding huge secret data that will trust security. This work proposed a compressed video steganography scheme for hiding cipher secret data in high security levels. The proposed work consists of three phases, protected secret data (Text English and Arabic, Images, and Video) based on proposed chaotic maps module and RC4 algorithm. The chaotic maps module is a combination between (honen map and sine map) with simple operations to protected plain data. Second phase, hidden cipher secret data between the quantized discrete cosine transform (QDCT) and entropy coding from the inter-prediction mode at the H.264/AVC video frames using Least Significant Bit (LSB) replacement. Third phase, transmit and receive secret data. The experimental result shows that the proposed scheme is high-security level where was cipher secret data with the average entropy value of (7.993), an average PSNR value of (8.790 dB), an average correlation value of (3.4x 10-3), key length is 228 bit and key space is 2228. Moreover, measured Randomness to generation key by NIST were succeeded in all the tests and Robustness, imperceptibility, and embedding capacity are high while maintaining visual quality, where the average PSNR value of (36.26 dB), and the average SSIM value of (0.95).




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A Secure Data Hiding For H.264 Video Based on Chaotic Map Methods and RC4 Algorithm. (2023). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 6(3), 50-64. https://doi.org/10.31987/ijict.6.3.250

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