Circularly Polarized Metamaterial Patch Antenna Circuitry for Modern MIMO Applications


  • Marwah H. Jwair AL-NAHRAIN
  • Taha A. Elwi
  • Salam K. Khamas
  • Aydin Farajidavar
  • Alyani Binti Ismail



MTM, 5G, Sub-6GHz, fractal, T-resonator


This research is an attempt to highlight that the presented antenna design is proposed for modern wireless communication systems, including 5G networks. The proposed antenna design is structured to realize a reconfigurable antenna terminal to suit smart wireless systems. Therefore, the proposed antenna is structured from twelve-unit cells of metamaterial (MTM) inclusions. For this, effectively, the proposed antenna profile is reduced to 0.21λ0, where λo is the free space wavelength at 2.45GHz, which occupies 40 × 30 mm2 equivalently. This is accomplished by using T-resonator inductors to conduct 3rd iteration Hilbert-shaped MTM inclusions. The proposed antenna is printed on a substrate to cover the frequency bands from 2.6GHz to 4.4GHz. To optimize the antenna performances, a numerical-parametric analysis based on CST MWS commercial software package formulations is invoked for this study. The suggested antenna performance is numerically evaluated for validation using the HFSS software suite. The antenna has great performance while being sufficiently small to be used with integrated electronics.





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Circularly Polarized Metamaterial Patch Antenna Circuitry for Modern MIMO Applications. (2023). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 6(3), 65-75.

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