FPAA Implementation of Chaotic Modulation Based on Nahrain Map

  • Hamsa A. Abdullah College of Information Engineering
  • Hikmat N. Abdullah
Keywords: FPAA, Nonlinear, Discrete System, Nahrain Chaotic System, Modulation


Due to characteristic of chaotic systems in terms of nonlinearity, sensitivity to initial values, and non-periodicity, they are used in many applications like security and multiuser transmission. Nahrain chaotic map is an example of such systems that are recently proposed with excellent features for the use in multimedia security applications. Although the implementation of chaotic systems is easy using low costanalogue ICs, this approach does not provide the flexibility that the reconfigurable analogue devices have in design possibilities such as reducing the complexity of design, real-time modification, software control and adjustment within the system. This paper presents a description of data modulation and demodulation based on Nahrain chaotic system and there hardware implementation using field programmable analogue array (FPAA) device. AN231E04 dpASP board is used as a target device for the implementation. The simulation results of system closely matched the programmable hardware testing results.