The effect of Z-Score standardization (normalization) on binary input due the speed of learning in back-propagation neural network

  • Mohammed Z. Al-Faiz
  • Ali A. Ibrahim
  • Sarmad M. Hadi Al-Nahrain university
Keywords: neural networks, Back-propagation, DNA, gel electrophoresis, standardization, Z-score.


The speed of learning in neural network environment is considered as the most effective parameter spatially in large data sets. This paper tries to minimize the time required for the neural network to fully understand and learn about the data by standardize input data. The paper showed that the Z-Score standardization of input data significantly decreased the number of epoochs required for the network to learn. This paper also proved that the binary dataset is a serious limitation for the convergence of neural network, so the standardization is a must in such case where the 0’s inputs simply neglect the connections in the neural network. The data set used in this paper are features extracted from gel electrophoresis images and that open the door for using artificial intelligence in such areas.