LTE Based Vehicle Tracking and Anti-Theft System Using Raspberry Pi Microcontroller


  • Dina A. Bahr engineer
  • Osama A. Awad



The implementation and design of an integrated anti-theft system, which is being used to prevent from stealing of vehicles. This embedded system mainly based on advanced communication technology known as LTE Release 8. The components are putting together inside the vehicle in a hidden way. A GSM is connected to a microcontroller via SIM card interfaces helps the end-user to control his vehicle by send and receive messages. Once the vehicle is stolen, the owner call to the secret number inside the GSM. The microcontroller will cut off a call and order the GPS to determine the location of the vehicle and sends back an SMS message contains the longitude and latitude. However, a Pi Camera will be triggered to capture the driver picture and sends it back as an MMS all together with the previous message to the vehicle's owner. The main information is transformed through a control processing system on a google map application to trace the vehicle movement. Immediately, the owner based on the received information can send an SMS that has a detailed instruction to order RPi to control the engine ignition system by turning it off at the required location through an embedded system




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LTE Based Vehicle Tracking and Anti-Theft System Using Raspberry Pi Microcontroller. (2019). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 2(1), 10-25.