Implementation of Cell Phone Detection Mobile Robot for Restricted Areas Using NodeMCU


  • Aymen M. Al-Kadhimi Al-Nahrain University
  • Hamzah M Marhoon
  • Zeyad A. Karam2



This paper involves the design and implementation of cell phone detection mobile robot. This is applicable in examination halls, private conferences and meeting rooms in which the using of cell phones is highly restricted. The robot is able to detect the presence of unauthorized communications by active phones and then distort them. The detection process is achieved by implementing an electrical circuit for sensing undesirable signals and using NodeMCU for interfacing the robot with a main computer unit. The main computer unit is used as a controlling platform in terms of mobile robot navigation as well as detection and jamming activating. This is accomplished by creating a graphical control panel programmed using a special HTML script. In this work, the cell phone detection mobile robot has been applied in an examination hall to simulate real educational environment. The robot has detected active calls by cell phones with a circle diameter of 1.2 meter and then jammed them directly. The whole area has been covered for detection and jamming by roaming the robot wirelessly via the remote main computer. Different voltage measurements for different detection distances have been recorded.




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Implementation of Cell Phone Detection Mobile Robot for Restricted Areas Using NodeMCU. (2018). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 1(1), 27-35.

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