Internet of Things Architecture Based Cloud for Healthcare


  • Istabraq M. Al-Joboury AL-Nahrain University
  • Emad H. Hemiary Al-Nahrain University



Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, IoT architecture, Embedded Devices, Packet Tracer, HTTP, Monitoring


The Internet of Things (IoT) contains smart devices placed in different environments, connected with each other across networks and Internet. The integration between Things and Cloud Computing (CC) for monitoring and permanent storage is required for future IoT applications. Therefore, this paper proposes IoT architecture based Cloud for healthcare network when patients are remotely monitored by their family and physicians. This proposed architecture is different from the traditional IoT architecture that consists of Things, getaways, middleware, and application layers which in turn need connectivity insurance between them. The proposed architecture is designed and configured using Cisco Packet Tracer version 7.0 over two sites: Site 'A' located at smart home and site 'B' located at the smart hospital. The results show that the IoT based Cloud enhances the patient life style by using smart sensors and mobile application, as well as the physicians can remotely monitor the data in real time.




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Internet of Things Architecture Based Cloud for Healthcare. (2018). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 1(1), 18-26.