• Aya A. Hussein AL-Nahrain university
  • Rajaaaldeen A. Khalid AL-Nahrain university
Keywords: WSN, cluster-based routing protocols, IEEPB protocol, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), Energy Efficient, network lifetime.


As new ideas and perspectives continue to be shared by various authors, many different aspects of WSN technology have been generated according to the pivotal role of WSN for many fields in our lives. This technology contains different components, the most basic one is the sensor nodes that communicate with each other and deliver the data. Routing protocols make the sensors' communication and delivering of data thoughtfully planned to be more reliable. Routing protocols are a wide field given the importance of their presence in the network to route the data to the best path or shortest path as much as possible among sensor nodes. This paper focus on cluster-based routing protocols that have hierarchal architecture, this class of protocols has gone through a lot of developments and improvements because of the great benefits that offer to WSN. Part of these Improvements that applied to IEEPB protocol (Improved Energy-Efficient PEGASIS-Based protocol) is enhancing the protocol work mechanism using the Ant colony optimization technique (ACO) to conserve wasted energy and thus increase the network lifetime. Therefore, this paper proposes a SIEEPB-ACO protocol that is an improved protocol over IEEPB protocol using ACO.

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Hussein, A. A., & Khalid, R. A. (2019). An IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENT CHAIN-BASED ROUTING PROTOCOL USING ACO. Iraqi Journal of Information & Communications Technology, 2(3), 11-29.