Intellectual property and Copyright Policy

The Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence, which permits users to copy, extract, abstract, and create new works from the article; modify and revise the article; and use it for commercial purposes (such as re-purposing and/or reselling it by commercial entities) as long as they give due credit (by providing a link to the official publication via the applicable DOI), disclose any modifications that have been made.

The work published by the authors on the IJICT website is protected by copyright; however, IJICT is in charge of recognizing citations for their work, which is licenced under CC-BY-4.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any media as long as the original work is properly cited.

The rights and responsibilities of the author.

  • The authors certify that the copyright of the work they have submitted, along with any supporting materials, is their own and hasn't been transferred to someone else.
  • The authors certify that there are no instances of plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, or manipulated citations in the work and that it conforms with JSS authorship criteria.
  • The writers certify that they have permission to reproduce any tables, figures, data, text, etc. from the owners of copyrights.
  • All manuscripts, revisions, drafts, and galleys remain the property of the author or authors. All copyright ownership of the work is retained by the original author(s).
  • Copyrighted works' creators are allowed to modify, share, re-post, or archive their works in any format.
  • The authors consent to maintaining the confidentiality of any correspondence, remarks, or reports between the authors and reviewers or

Responsibilities of the editorial team

  • Every report and review comment is still the reviewer's or editor's intellectual property.
  • All correspondence, remarks, or reports between authors and reviewers or editors will be kept confidential, as agreed upon by reviewers and editors.
  • Except for the final published galley(s), reviewers and editors undertake to maintain the confidentiality of all submissions, revisions, and drafts.