Post-publication discussions and corrections

Post-publication discussions and corrections
IJICT permits email correspondence to the editor and post-publication discussions on the journal's website. Following publication, IJICT offers procedures for withdrawing, editing, and/or correcting publications. 
• Policy for Correction 
Errata are mistakes that impact both the writers' reputations and the accuracy of the published work. Corrections are released as separate articles. In the event that the procedures, findings, or conclusions contain a significant error, factual inaccuracy, or omission, IJICT releases an erratum. A scientific error must be significant enough to influence the article's scientific content and results interpretation in order to justify an erratum. 

An erratum can be issued in the following situations: 
• A figure or table was not properly explained or mentioned or omitted.
 • A table included incorrect results.
 • An author was inadvertently left out. 

When significant errors impact the content or comprehension of the work reported (e.g., a data presentation error) or when the error affects the publication's metadata (e.g., a miss-spelt author's name), IJICT will issue a notice of correction to the article and correct the errors appearing in online articles. When this occurs, IJICT will provide an updated version of the article with a link back to the original one. 
Moreover, IJICT presumes that writers notify the editorial office of any mistakes they find (or become aware of) in their article once published.

• Taking Down Publishable Content 
IJICT retains the authority, under exceptional circumstances, to remove a paper from its website. This occurs in the following cases:
 • When IJICT receives notification that content violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or other legal rights;
 • When content is deemed libellous and contains false information about a researcher or method;
 • When there is an immediate and significant risk to safety and integrity if action is not taken.