Video Encryption Based on Chaotic System and Stream Cipher


  • Laith Abdulhussien Hamood msc student
  • Mahmood Khalel Ibrahem



the huge development and use of digital multimedia (video, image) over computer networks has led to increase the need for securing of these digital data. Video encryption is widely used as a method for providing security for digital video. In this paper video encryption method is developed using chaotic system for key generator and stream cipher, it uses chaotic map as one-time key generator which produce key used for encryption process. Chaotic systems have been successfully used for multimedia encryption. Chaotic cryptography have good characteristic such as pseudo-randomness, and sensitivity to initial conditions. Video encryption method have successfully designed and implemented, the tests and analysis results have showed the succeed of the encryption method in term of speed and security.




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Video Encryption Based on Chaotic System and Stream Cipher. (2018). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 1(2), 33-40.