Sentiment Analysis for Iraqis Dialect in Social Media


  • Lamiaa Abd Habeeb Babel



In this paper, we designed a system that extract citizens opinion about Iraqis government and Iraqis politicians through analyze their comments from Facebook (social media network). Since the data is random and contains noise, we cleaned the text and builds a stemmer to stem the words as much as possible, cleaning and stemming reduced the number of vocabulary from 28968 to 17083, these reductions caused reduction in memory size from 382858 bytes to 197102 bytes. Generally, there are two approaches to extract users opinion; namely, lexicon-based approach and machine learning approach. In our work, machine learning approach is applied with three machine learning algorithm which are; Naïve base, K-Nearest neighbor and AdaBoost ensemble machine learning algorithm. For Naïve base, we apply two models; Bernoulli and Multinomial models. We found that, Naïve base with Multinomial models give highest accuracy.




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Sentiment Analysis for Iraqis Dialect in Social Media. (2018). Iraqi Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 1(2), 24-32.

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